The Beach

Beach is our favorite playground.  The ocean and big open space for the dogs to run are a perfect combination and the best place to get the dogs exercised and tired. Rocks to sniff and climb are a bonus! And if we get REALLY lucky, we even find a seal to harras 😉 In Southern California, Del Mar wins the contest for the best dog beach;  Santa Barbara comes in 2nd and Huntington Beach is the 3rd.  

Del Mar dog beach is designed for curious hounds: rocks on one side and ocean on the other. No otters in our lagoons, only sand, rocks, caves and a tide river with strong currents. The landscape evolves throughout the year, exposing or hiding new exciting areas for our hounds to be challenged both physically and mentally. The dogs love to stride up stream against strong tidal currents, enjoying the water rushing against their chests and wind in their noses. Adrenaline rush! It is fascinating to see them work the tide pools and rocks in search for that otter. Big strong dogs with the stamina to go for hours. Always exciting!   Photos and videos of our adventures at Del Mar, CA Dog Beach are a must see  🙂

In September 2011, Blue Fairy Pack travelled to Oregon for the Otterhound Club of America Specialty Dog Show a.k.a national gathering of Otterhounds from US and Canada. As part of the adventure, we explored new beaches in Oregon and Northern California. The hounds (and humans too) enjoyed the experience: giant Sand Dunes in Oregon, rock climbing at Northern California Beach and fabulous views of Pebble Beach Golf Course at Carmel, CA Dog Beach. Videos below are a great testiment to fun we all had. Just follow highlighted links and enjoy 😉

Del Mar, CA Dog Beach

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Sand Dunes in Oregon

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Northern California Beach

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Carmel, CA Dog Beach

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