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About Leeloo

Leeloo is the Pack Entertainer. Her mission is simple: have fun and bring joy to all humans and animals around her. Her daily activities include inventory of the toy box – she makes sure that all toys are still in place and then decide on the best toy of the day. If there are any chewies (raw hide or better yet raw bones) she will do all in her power to hide it from her Sister Mamba. It is also very important to guard the hiding spot and change it from time to time. Leeloo never greets us ’empty handed’.  She always brings a toy.  The toy could be anything she considers valuable at a moment: a ball, a bone, a sock she picked from a laundry basket or anything else she finds during her treasure hunts around the house and the yard. This is something she started to do as a very young puppy – always busy with her treasures 😉 When she has a toy, she is just beaming with pride and wagging her hips and tail. Happy Toy Master!

Leeloo was the last puppy born, which means she was the last one to the milk bar. And she never let us forget it. She loves her food more than her toys. Great quality in my book.
Leeloo (2011)
What makes Leeloo special is her easy going attitude.  She simply enjoys every moment! She is a great playmate to Mamba and does not mind being ‘managed’. However, she knows how to stand up for herself and her toys if they are important or when she is guarding them. Leeloo may be the youngest, but she is the biggest so when she decides to stand her ground, Mamba knows not to push it too far. Pack dynamics in action.

Day 80 - Pack on the Rock:  Leeloo, Mamba, Ozzy & ScarlettIn 2011, with the addition of puppy Ozzy to our Pack, the dynamics changed again. Mamba was very protective of her puppy boy until he was almost 6 months old. She wouldn’t let Leeloo get anywhere close, despite of Ozzy’s attempts to get to know his big Aunt. Then, almost overnight, Mamba changed her mind. The Toy Master jumped-in with enthusiasm. She’s been waiting for that moment for a long LONG time. Ozzy and Leeloo became the best playmates. Ozzy figured out very quickly that Leeloo knows the best places to explore, always finds the greatest toys and has the endless energy to run and keep him entertained.

2012 brought yet another change: the arrival of Leeloo’s puppies and addition of Bella to our Pack. Leeloo adapted well to her new role and raising puppies came to her naturally. However, she could not wait to go back to being a playmate to Ozzy and her puppy Bella. I must admit though, that Leeloo does not have patience for Bella’s sharp puppy teeth and often lets Ozzy take over the ‘puppy-sitting’ duties. Passing the tough assignments to the Junior Toy Master Oz 🙂

Home (3) 1-At the Beach Leeloo & Bella (10)

Over the years, as Pack dynamics continued to evolve, Leeloo provided stable and calm “vibe” among the dogs. We could always count on her mellow and happy temperament, regardless of what was going on around her. New Pack additions: Phoebe in 2013 and Rachel in 2016 did not change her world, but rather provided more energy and stimulation. With age came wisdom and comfort: Leeloo now enjoys her couch and watching the “youngsters” mayhem and grow up together. Ozzy remains her favorite BIG nephew. They just love each other! Leeloo counts on her daughter Bella to deal with Rachel and Wookiee when she visits the Pack. She enjoys sun bathing, good dinner and a chewy and a lazy walk in the park or at the beach. Being a “Senior” serves her well 🙂

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The Name

LeelooLeeloo was the superhero or “superior being’ in the Bruce Willis/Milla Jovovich movie “The Fifth Element”.  The name was a good fit for our fifth female in the litter.  Our girl was easy going, curious and confident. She is going to save the world – one toy at a time 😉 Over time she even developed red highlights on her head and around the ears. Perfect fit! The Fifth Element turned out to be love. Our girl is definitely a lover!

7 - Ventura (13a) Leeloo (March 2013)

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The Talents

Leeloo (March 2015)Leeloo is an athlete. She is fast, agile and driven by curiosity. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that this mellow, easy going hound can turn into a hunter. Leeloo is a dedicated tracker with strong scent instinct. She follows her nose without hesitation regardless if it leads her deep into the bushes or high up on the rocks. She has great balance and endurance. She is a confident swimmer and a great retriever.

In her down time, Leeloo enjoys cuddles. She is a perfect lap dog and a couch potato. She is the one to lay down as close as she can get and just fall asleep. She also purrs, melting into the lucky human she chose for a pillow.

In the River (6) Leeloo (May 2014) Leeloo Swimming

Leeloo obtained her AKC championship just 2 weeks after her sister at 12 months old and received 2nd Award of Merit @ 2009 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Dog Show. She also completed obedience training and received her Rally Novice title. But for Leeloo, performing is work and she needs additional motivation to stay engaged. She prefers to explore the world, play with her toys and interact with humans and other animals. She leaves the ‘work’ assignments to her sister Mamba.

For more Leeloo stories, accomplishments, pictures and videos, continue exploring Advantures pages on our web site: AKC Canine Good Citizen, Dog Shows and The Beach – her favorite playground 🙂

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The Mother – Litters Whelped

In March 2012, Leeloo delivered her first litter of puppies: two boys and two girls. We were not surprised by her maternal skills: she was attentive, patient and protective. Leeloo also proved that she could balance her responsibilities as a Mother and a Pack member. From the very first day, both Mamba and Ozzy were eager to meet the new, squeeky creatures hiding in the whelping box 😉 With time, Leeloo found a way to let Mamba, Ozzy and even nephew Woody interact with her babies without putting anyone at risk. It was amazing to watch the entire Pack raise the puppies!

For detailed chronicles of our 2012 litter: weekly developments, pictures and videos, please visit Puppy Patch: Puppy Love 2012.

Day 33 (Leeloo Loves Khaleesi)In September 2014, Leeloo became a Mom again to our singleton puppy Khaleesi. Just like with her previous litter, Leeloo was attentive and over-protective of her one and only puppy. She guarded her closely for the first 3 weeks and had really hard time allowing the rest of the Pack help with puppy-sitting duties. However, when her older daughter Bella stepped in, Leeloo was happy to return to her couch and catch up on her beauty sleep. Being a Mom is not an easy task ? For more adventures of our singleton puppy, visit Déjà Blu Puppy 2014 page.

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