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Our Mission is Simple:

  • Spread the word! Based on the latest estimates, there are less than 800 Otterhounds in the world. They are rarer than the Giant Panda and considered one of the most endangered dog breeds. Dog lovers of all ages need to know more about these magnificent animals. Their future depends on it!!
  • Contribute to the survival of purebred Otterhounds: promote good health, temperament and most of all great family companions.
  • Breed to meet the AKC Standard and support a variety of AKC events, including conformation, obedience (Rally, CGC), tracking, agility etc.

Contact Info
Ashka Gordon
AKC Otterhound Breeders of Merit
Email: BlueFairyOH@gmail.com
Phone: (858) 344-1705
Blue Fairy Facebook Page

Our Web Site offers an introduction to our Pack and a warm welcome into the world of Otterhounds. There are over 400 videos throughout the site and lots & LOTS of pictures!

    Ozzy, Phoebe & Mamba

  • Learn all about our Pack: Bella, Ozzy, Mamba, Leeloo, Phoebe and our first Otterhound Starr.
  • Visit our Puppy Patch for the latest puppy news, information about our previous litters: weekly puppy development and lots of puppy pictures & videos. We also have a page with ownerโ€™s tales of their experiences raising one of our Otterhound puppies. Go to Growing Up Otterhound and enjoy!
  • If you are interested in getting a puppy, click on Next Litter for upcoming litter information and if you’d like to be added to our prospective puppy owners’ list, simply complete our The Pack (May 2014)Blue Fairy Otterhounds Puppy Application.
  • Adventures page includes stories about our dog activities. The Beach is our favorite playgound and we visited many of them throughout the years. Pictures and videos tell it all!
  • Dog Shows are fun, whether you are a spectator or a participant. Take a look at what we’ve learned and accomplished. Our trips to National & Regional Otterhound Specialty and The Hound Show are a must see!
  • Our dogs participate in a variety of AKC programs & events: The Pack (Oct 2013)
    Canine Good Citizen (CGC), Rally Obedience and Tracking. A tired Otterhound is a good Otterhound!
  • We are committed to dogs we breed throughout their lives. When our local SoCal owners are out of town for a weekend or on a ‘human only’ vacation, we are more than happy to take care of their hounds. After all, there is no better place for them than the Blue Fairy Headquarters! Visit 2012 Summer Camp and Weekend with Addie for a quick peek into the good times.
  • Health and well-being of our hounds is very important. Phoebe (March 2014)We offer our tips & suggestions at a very elementary level drawing no assumptions as to what dog owners know or donโ€™t know about Coat Care, Toe Nail Trimming, Teeth Cleaning and Ear Management (after all, these GIANT ears have needs). Nutrition is also important and our hounds tested many dog foods avaiable on the market. We also have a good advice for handling Otterhounds off leash. Scent hounds require special considerations due to thier strong instincts. Some of this information may seem very obvious. We hope we don’t bore you!
  • If you’d like to learn more about Otterhound origins, visit Breed History. As one of the most ancient English breeds, they date back to the 1100s!

We hope you enjoy your virtual visit with our Pack and remember: next time you see a shaggy face smiling at you from a car or walking down the street, smile back! You might have just encountered the best kept secret in the canine world and your next best friend: an Otterhound ๐Ÿ™‚

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