Tracking is our next frontier.  Otterhounds are known for their excellent sense of smell and tracking comes to them naturally. After all, the toughest part of getting their attention is to get their nose off the ground.  The trick is, can they follow the sent you ask them to follow.

The neat part about tracking is that the dog is in charge and the handler is simply at the end of the tracking line.  Very different from obedience training where the handler provides the directions.  Tracking requires comitment and practice. With all Blue Fairy adventures, including raising puppies, tracking is still on our “to do” list. We do take classes from time to time and the dogs seem to get the concept and enjoy their time in the field. It’s fascinating to watch them work! We can only hope we can keep up with their noses.  It’s going to be a wild ride!

For more information on AKC tracking, please refer to AKC Companion Events – Tracking

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