Summer Camp 2012

At the beginning of August 2012, Blue Fairy household transformed into the Otterhound Summer Camp. Our puppies Woody (Ozzy’s brother) and Addie (Bella’s sister) stayed with us for a summer retreat. You might think we are a bit crazy having 6 Otterhounds in our home, but we consider it a privilege! All puppies from our litters are welcome to stay with us while their owners are out of town or on vacation. We’d rather see the dogs roam in our yard than be placed in a boarding facility or a kennel.

For 2 weeks we had two 5-month old girls: Addie and Bella, two 20-month old teenage boys Woody and Ozzy and their 5-year old Moms Mamba and Leeloo. Full house!

It usually takes a day or two for things to settle down and a new routine to develop. The puppies have to go thru their mayhem phase – burning some serious calories celebrating happy reunion. It’s amazing how much alike the puppies are regardless of the huge size difference: puppy girls ~60lbs and the boys – 110lbs each. Gladiators! Leeloo prefers to stay clear of the turmoil. Mamba tends to watch from the distance. After all, she is The Manager!

After all dust settled, the extended Pack enjoyed raw bones in the yard. We like to keep those teeth pearly white! Although everyone got their own treat and things seemed to be quiet and organized, it took Mamba a little over an hour to collect all bones. And she was not about to give them up! Leeloo was the only dog left with her bone. I guess she knows her sister well. We had to step in and redistribute the bones to the distressed puppies. Pack dynamics in action 😉

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