Weekend with Addie

First weekend in April was fun! Bella’s sister Addie was staying with us for a weekend while her owners was enjoying ‘human vacation’. We offer all our puppy owners an option to place the dogs with us while they travel. Our house is a much better option than any kennel or a boarding facility! We love the opportunity to re-bond with the dogs and our pack benefits from an additional playmate.

The introduction of littermates after they’ve been apart is noisy: a combination of growls, barks and overall commotion. I guess they are saying to each other “Where have YOU been..??” It took Addie and Bella just a few minutes to get reacquainted and in no time they were playing just like they used to when they were little. At 1 year old though, the speed and intensity of their games only increased. Our yard could barely handle them running full blast. Addie is a high energy dog and keeping up with Bella was not a challenge. After all, Addie was the most active puppy in Leeloo’s 2012 litter. The mayhem lasted almost 4 days and we all needed a well-deserved nap after it was over 😉

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